Google Compute Engine Integration

How to Integrate Google Compute Engine with ECmanaged

This guide will walk you through the steps you need to perform to integrate Google Compute Cloud in ECmanaged. First, you need to collect Google Compute Cloud API credentials and then provide it to ECmanaged for integration.

Step 1: Getting Google Compute Cloud Credentials

First, you need to login to gce and go to Enable APIs and get credentials like keys.

Then, you have to go to Credentials section and Add Credentials of type Service account

After that, choose the recommended JSON key type and create the key. The key will be downloaded to your computer.

Please take note of the generated Service accounts email address.

Step 2: Integrating Google Compute Cloud

First, you need to login to the ECmanaged and go to the Backend page using your user drop-down menu. Then, click on the New Backend button and fill-up the form with your credentials:

In the form, you need to choose a Backend Name, Public Cloud as Cloud Type, and Google Compute Cloud as Cloud Provider. Please provide the generated Service accounts email address as the API user. You have to upload the JSON Service account key as Private key and enter your gce project name as Project name.

Then you click Save, if everything is correct, ECmanaged will be connected to the Google Compute Cloud.