Security Groups(Firewall)

Security Groups(Firewall)

You can restrict incoming connections to your cloud servers by using Security Groups(Firewall). This is a provider specific settings and defined separately for each. You can access the firewall settings from Preferences > My Cloud Providers, then selecting your provider and clicking on Firewall button, as shown below:

You can create a new firewall rule or edit an existing one. You can edit a firewall by selecting it and then either from Properties > Options > Edit Firewall or Rules > Edit Firewall. Following picture shows the New Firewall wizard:

In the wizard you have to choose a unique name for your firewall. For each firewall rule, you have to define following fields:

  • Source: The CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing e.g. address of the incoming connection. You can also select a firewall rule as a source.
  • Protocol: The protocol of the incoming connection. It can be custom TCP, UDP protocol, or SSH, FTP etc.
  • Port(Service): For protocols like SSH, FTP, the port is automatically selected. You have to provide ports for custom protocols.

The pictures shows an example, where we have added rules so we can ping and ssh to the server. When you finish adding rules, hit the Save button to create the Firewall rule.