Creating Simple Cloud Servers

How to Instantiate Simple Cloud Servers using ECmanaged

Once you have integrated cloud provider(s) in ECmanaged account, you are ready to instantiate cloud servers. Here tutorials are available to help you to integrate cloud providers. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to perform to instantiate simple cloud servers using ECmanaged.

Before starting a cloud server you have to configure the Security Keys(SSH keys) and Security Groups(Firewall), please follow the links for more information.

A new cloud server is created using New Cloud server wizard which can be accessed by either from the New server drop-down menu or from Infrastructure > Servers and then from the New server drop-down menu, as shown below:

Creating Cloud Servers

New Cloud server wizard guides through the process of creation of a new cloud server. In the first step Properties, you choose a Name for your server, the Cloud Provider (list only shows the provider you have integrated to your account) you want to use to launch the server, the availability zone and the Size for the instance. The figure below shows an example:

The next step of New Cloud server is Image where we define OS Family and OS Version, as shown below:

You will pass through the Deployments and Variables steps as these are for advanced deployment.

In the next step Options, you choose the Security Keys used for ssh access, and Security Group(Firewall). Notification Profile is another advanced option which is discussed here. You can schedule destruction of your cloud server using Cloud Server Expires. The ECMagent monitoring is enabled by default.

Then you click Launch. The server will be instantiated with the selected backup image in selected cloud provider. Figure below shows the output:

Follow this guide to connect to your cloud server once it booted up completely.