AWS EC2 Integration

How to Integrate AWS EC2 with ECmanaged

This guide will walk you through the steps you need to perform to integrate AWS EC2 to ECmanaged. First, you need to collect AWS IAM credentials and then provide it to ECmanaged for integration.

Getting AWS IAM Credentials

You need to provide Access Key Id and Secret Access Key to add AWS EC2 as a cloud provider in ECmanaged.

1. Accessing AWS IAM

You need to login to your AWS console. Then from the listed AWS services, You need to select Identity and Access Management under Administration and Security.

2. Create an user in AWS IAM

As you can not obtain security credentials for existing user, you need to create a new user. It also better per security perspective as you will have a specific user for ECmanaged.

In the AWS IAM dashboard, navigate to the Users section and then click Create New Users button, as shown:

You will be asked to enter names for your users. you must select Generate an access key for each user, as we need them.

The next window will confirm you successful creation of the user and tell you that This is the last time these User security credentials will be available for download, so you must download the credentials for future reference.

The credentials will be downloaded in .csv format. It contains User Name, Access Key Id and Secret Access Key.

2. Select a Policy for user

AWS IAM uses policy based access control. You need to select policy for the created user to grant access to AWS EC2.

Ecmanaged need full access to AWS EC2 to be able to manage cloud servers and load balancers.

In the next window, You can see overview of permissions for the policy. You click Apply Policy button to finish the procedure.

Integrating AWS EC2

First, you need to login to the ECmanaged and go to the Add a Cloud provider wizard either using new server drop-down menu or using Preferences > My Cloud Providers.

In Add a Cloud provider wizard, you choose Public Cloud as Cloud Type, OPENSTACK EC2 as Cloud Provider, and in Select region menu select the preferred region. Then click Next.

In the next window, you should choose a Provider Name, which is by default "AMAZON EC2".You need to put user Access Key Id as API User, and the Secret Access Key key as API KEY.

Then you click Next, if everything is correct, ECmanaged will be connected to the AWS EC2. The figure below shows the output of a successful OpenStack provider addition.