Server checks

ECmanaged provides you a detailed view of you server usage. These infographics are available in Monitor > Server checks, you need to select your preferred server. You can also register your external cloud/physical servers from the Register External server button.

This infographic view is known as Monitor view, and can also be accessed from servers by toggling the view. The view is shown below:

The view is divided in two parts. On the left side, an overview of your server is presented. It shows your server state, uptime, Its also shows service status which can be OK, OOPS or CRITICAL depending on your monitors and server status.

The above example shows only one active monitor. You can create your own monitor. There are two kinds of monitor available:

You can get more information about them by following the links. Depending on your monitors your server status can look like this:

Next, it shows the availability of server and the checks. It is calculated using GMT and shows the availability of the day. The output depends on the configured monitors.

On the right side, Various CPU, memory, Disk and network performance metrics are depicted using graphs. Picture below shows a snippet:

You can get graphical view of more metrics by clicking Click for Details. You can select the metrics from the drop down menu.