External servers

Adding External Servers

One remarkable feature from our ECmanaged Platforms concept is the ability to add "External servers". You can register servers either from Cloud providers that have not yet been integrated or register your private network infrastructure, and manage them like any other Cloud server in your Platform. Registering an External server just requires to follow these simple steps. First, click on the "Register External Server" link. Then, follow the wizard guidelines.

External Server Type

Select the kind of server you want to register on your Platform. This can be either a physical or virtual server from your Datacenter, or from your local facility. Do not forget you can also add a virtual server from Cloud providers that have not yet been integrated into ECmanaged.

External Server ECM agent Installation

This procedure depends on the OS of your external server. If it is a Linux based copy> follow the instructions displayed in the wizard, and execute them on the server's console. For a Windows based server you should download the ECM agent Installer, and execute it.

External Server Information

Once the ECM agent has been installed and is running, the wizard will prompt you for a name and private and public IP addresses of the external server.

After clicking the "Register" button, you will see that your external server has been added to the dashboard. Now, you can monitor and manage it just like any other Cloud server.